National Administrative Council

The National Administrative Council (NAC) drives the strategic growth of the organization. The NAC is comprised of the National President and 9 Vice Presidents.

National President

Dr. Estee Hernández

The National President gives direction and leadership toward the achievement of the Sorority’s mission, vision, strategy and annual goals and objectives.

VP of Standards

Felicia Adams Fernandez

The Vice President of Standards will serve as the Sorority’s Standards Officer and will supervise the Risk Management Officer. She will Chair and oversee the Constitution & By-Laws Committee which will bring proposals for annual changes to the Sorority’s governing documents.

VP of Collegiate Affairs

Maggy Goergen

The Vice President of Collegiate Affairs gives direction and leadership toward establishing clear strategic priorities and annual goals and objectives for the collegiate member segment, aligned with the Sorority’s broader vision and strategic plan.

VP of Intake

Brianna Ramirez

The Vice President of Intake provides direction and leadership toward establishing clear strategic priorities, annual goals, and objectives for the charter, graduate/professional, and undergraduate New Member Education processes, aligned with the Sorority’s broader vision and strategic plan.

VP of Sorority Growth

Dr. Brianna Beltran Cervantes

The Vice President of Sorority Growth will be responsible for overseeing all areas of growth and recruitment of the sorority. She will supervise External Recruitment Officer and the Membership Recruitment Officer in providing direction and clear strategic growth of the sorority.

VP of Public Affairs

Katrina Arroyos Armijo

The Vice President of Public Affairs develops, coordinates, and directs public relations activities for the sorority. She acts as the chief spokeswoman and articulates the message of Kappa Delta Chi & the National Administrative Council for the sorority. She will give direction and leadership to establish marketing and communication strategies for the sorority. She will supervise the Communications Officer and Marketing Officer and will Chair the Marketing Committee.

VP of Information Technology

Kenya Bener

The Vice President of Information Technology will oversee the daily operational management of all e-mail and the national communication systems. She will also be responsible for the continuous review of technological needs of the national organization and its entities and will work collaboratively with the Vice President of Public Affairs and the National Communications Officer on the maintenance and development of the national website.

VP of Education & Curriculum

Jessica Mejia

Vice President of Education and Curriculum manages the Learning Overview Management System (LMS) content and capacity, as well as all strategic projects involving the LMS. She establishes training for all national leadership on the LMS. She will supervise the Educational & Instructional Design Officer

VP of Alumnae Affairs

Rubi Medina Solis

The Vice President of Alumnae Affairs will act as an advocate for all alumnae member concerns and issues. She will be responsible for integrating alumnae into the organization. She will be responsible for seeking out resources available to alumnae members. She serves as the official Alumnae spokesperson.


VP of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Victoria Pentecost

The Vice President of Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion (VP-DEI) will give direction and leadership toward establishing an inclusive culture and climate. She will establish strategic priorities for fostering diversity and ensuring that the work of all divisions is viewed through the lens of equity and inclusion. She will chair and oversee the National Social Justice Committee.


National Officers

Officers in the National Cabinet each report to a member of the National Administrative Council.

Alumnae Chapter Development Officer

Khrystyane Lopez

Chapter Development Officer

Melissa Bustamante

New Member Education Officer 1

Julia Schmidt

Charter Member Education Officer

Yajaira López-Villa

Kappa Delta Chi has undergraduate and alumnae chapters across the U.S.


We have created districts & regions in order to effectively manage communication with all chapters across the nation.


Districts are lead by 19 District Chairs who report to their respective Regional Director.


Alumnae chapters follow the same regional structure as undergraduate chapters. They are lead by eight Alumnae Regional Chairs.

Alumnae Regional Chairs

Alumnae Regional Chairs represent alumnae members and oversee alumnae chapters in their regions.

Central ARC

Janet Martinez

South Central ARC

Patty Najar

South Atlantic ARC

Sarah Ortiz

Regional Directors

Regional Directors are responsible for assessing collegiate chapter needs and developing leadership skills among collegiate members. Regional Directors report to the Chapter Development Officer.

District Chairs

District Chairs are responsible for the direction and supervision of collegiate chapters in their districts. Each District Chair reports to a Regional Director.