Involvement Opportunities


As a National Organization, Kappa Delta Chi functions completely on its alumnae volunteers that continue to give back to our sisterhood post-graduation. There are many ways and capacities with which to continue your involvement in KDChi as an alumna!

Serve as an Alumna Advisor

Our strongest collegiate chapters have strong Alumnae Advisors. Our alumnae have first-hand knowledge and experience on how to effectively run a chapter. They also mentor collegiate sisters as the grow and learn as young leaders. If you would like to learn more about being an Alumna Advisor, please contact the Chapter Development Officer. You must be an Active Alumna to be eligible.

Start or join an Alumnae Chapter

Alumnae Chapters are local/regional entities that connect alumnae to service opportunities, leadership development, social and networking events, and mentoring initiatives. There must be at least four active alumnae living in an area within a 50 mile radius of designated city hall address. Alumnae Chapter petitions are approved annually by the Division of Alumnae Affairs, and terms are from July 1st - June 30th. For more information, please contact the Alumnae Chapter Development Officer or visit the national calendar for a list of ongoing events.

Educate our future sisters

At our National Leadership Conference, we offer the opportunity to train our Active Alumnae to become Graduate/Professional Member Educators (GMEs) and Charter Member Educators (CMEs). As a GME, you can teach and mentor women who may have not had the opportunity to join our sisterhood as collegians, but find value in KDChi and foresee how it can transform their lives. As a CME, you are able to lay the foundation for a strong colony (which will become a strong chapter) at a new campus. If you are interested in serving as a CME or GME, please contact

Serve in our National Leadership

Our Board of Directors (BOD), National Administrative Council (NAC), and National Cabinet (NC) are all comprised of alumnae who volunteer their time to serve KDChi. National leaders are elected every May (NAC positions and several NC positions are two-year terms) by Actives and Active Alumnae. A call for applicants is issued every early spring; if you may be interested in national leadership, reach out to your nearest BOD, NAC, or NC member. You must be an Active Alumna to be eligible.

Become a District Chair or Alumnae Regional Chair

District Chairs (RCs) and Alumnae Regional Chairs (ARCs) serve as direct liaisons to our collegiate and alumnae chapters, respectively. They mentor and advise local leadership; strengthen and develop chapter structure; and support sisters at meetings, events, and service initiatives. If you are interested in serving as a DC, please contact the Chapter Development Officer at; if you are interested in serving as an ARC, please contact the Alumnae Chapter Development Officer at You must be an Active Alumna to be eligible.

Take part in a National Committee

The development of our sisterhood lies in all of our hands, and we all have a responsibility to help when we can, share our voices, and be part of the movement. Below is a list of National Committees with which you can be involved as alumnae. Applications are usually due in early fall, but some committees will accept members year-round--email the primary contact of each committee for more information!

  • Constitution & By-laws Committee: Meets annually to discuss proposals to update our governing documents. Please contact the Vice President of Standards for more information.
  • Standards Committee: Sees chapters and individual sisters who may have had a standards allegation brought against them. Please contact the Vice President of Standards for more information.
  • Leadership Conference Committee: Organizes and executes our National Leadership Conference. Please contact the Leadership Conference Officer for more information. Applications for this committee are usually due in July.
  • National Marketing Committee: Develops initiatives to continue to market our sisterhood. Please contact our Vice President of Public Affairs for more information.
  • External Recruitment Committee: Leads efforts to bring colonies to new campuses. Please contact our External Recruitment Officer for more information.
  • Ad-hoc Committees: Formed as needed. Please contact our National President for more information.