KDChi attempts to Bag some litter,' gain some money

KDChi attempts to Bag some litter,' gain some money

Cash prize to be awarded to organization that collects most trash

Leslie Howland, Issue date: 10/21/04 Section: Houstonian Campus News

The City of Huntsville is awarding a cash prize of $300 to the student organization that collects the most pounds of litter in their "Bag some litter" program. The contest will begin on Friday, Nov. 5 and end May 6. Student organizations are encouraged to help with the program because of the positive impact their efforts make on Huntsville and the Sam Houston State community. Cindy Blaylock, Solid Waste Superintendent for the City of Huntsville, said students should want to show their pride for the campus and community. "If you live in a dirty house you don't feel good," he added.

A couple of student organizations already involved in the program are the SHSU Women's Volleyball team, Golden Key Honour Society and Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. We wanted to help make Huntsville a more beautiful place to live," said Jessica Oliveira, KDChi's community service officer. "We believe that by helping the community become a better place that we are making a difference in the lives of others." The program is aimed at educating people on the how to keep their community clean. Some areas that need special attention include, Lake Road, 11th Street, the Avenues and Highway 75.

Organizations have the option to either pick an area in Huntsville or have the city designate a site for them. Participating organizations are encouraged to collect litter from their sites during the first Friday of the month along with city volunteers. They may also collect litter based on the availability of their schedules. Tree litter bags are available at the City of Huntsville's Service Center at 448 Hwy 75 North. Litter can be taken to the city's waste disposal site at 590 I-45 North or can be picked up by city employees from a designated site.

After three consecutive months participating in the clean-up effort, organizations will be recognized with a sign at their site. Student organizations interested in participating should contact City of Huntsville Parks and Recreation Intern at 294-5746.

KDChi, Delta sister Reflects on her CHCI internship in Wash DC

KDChi, Delta's Karen Quintana chosen as CHCI blogger

April 20, 2010

"I'm witnessing history and wouldn't trade it for the world"

Karen Quintana is a Delta Chapter sister (Alpha Eta Class) who's in Washington DC interning with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) in the officers of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX). She's majoring in Political Science with minors in Psychology & Spanish. There's so much on her to do list, but she's keeping an open mind about where she'll be in the future. She's originally from Sinaloa, Mexico and plans to graduate in the Spring 2011. She's been chosen as a featured blogger on the CHCI website and was also spotlighted on the KDChi national website. Let the spotlight shine on Ms. Karen Quintana who departs back to Tucson, Arizona this Saturday after completing the inaugural Spring Internship program with CHCI.

Recess and Stress by Karen Quintana:
"The stress of DC can be seen on the faces of staff members on the Hill. It is easy to get caught up in work that we do and we forget how to relax. I know that as an undergraduate, I am constantly on the go from class to work to meetings. It's both emotionally and physically exhausting. As an intern, there is also stress, especially when the office is busy. There are deadlines and certain expectations we each need to meet. The best way to relax is to talk about it. Luckily, all of us interns are really close. We are able to confide with each other about things that we go through on a daily basis. Also, exploring the city is one of my favorite aspects of life in DC. We can just jump on the metro and head to different parts of the city and have new adventures. My favorite thing to do here is trying new foods since the city is filled with different cultures so we explore new places to eat and the different cultures of the city. Never in my life have I tried so many different kinds of food than in the past couple of months. For instance, we have had Cuban, Salvadorian, Spanish, Dominican, Moroccan, and Ethiopian foods. Although our stress does not compare to those of our co-workers in the office, we are still able to observe and absorb some of the stress that comes from working in DC.

I feel extremely supported while I'm here. Although my family and friends aren't here, I have already built a support network with my fellow interns, co-workers, and KDChi sisters in the area. I reached out on the KDChi Facebook page and was able to meet so many sisters! They are all doing amazing things and are definitely upholding KDChi values. They inspire me everyday."

*View KDChi's spotlight on Karen KDChi National Website.
*Read Karen's blog directly on the CHCI website.

Kappa Delta Chi prides itself on our focus on community service, developing strong leaders who excel at every aspect of their collegiate and professional lives and our strong network of multicultural women. We thank you for your continued support of our sisterhood and its' mission to enact positive change.

KDChi NMSU sisters host “Dancing with Penguins” Event

NMSU's Annual fiesta lauds Hispanic traditions

By Alexia Severson Staff Writer

Published: Sunday, April 11, 2010

Students will get the chance to celebrate Hispanic culture during the two weeks of Fiestas Latinas, starting Wednesday and ending on April 25. Fiestas Latinas, sponsored by Associated Students of New Mexico State University, has been an annual event at NMSU for more than 20 years, Hispanic Council President Julia Garcia said. Garcia said she expects a high turn-out of participants, as well as spectators at the festival this year. "All NMSU students are encouraged to attend the events,” Garcia said. “It’s a great way to experience a different culture.”

During the fiesta, several different events will take place around campus, organized by several Hispanic student organizations, such as a soccer tournament on Saturday and a Comedy Night on April 21, Garcia said. Garcia said the events change every year, but certain events that have become very popular among students have become regular to Fiestas Latinas. Garcia said “Bailando con las Penguinas”, or “Dancing with the Penguins”, hosted by Kappa Delta Chi on Friday, is an event that has gained popularity, in which students can really get involved.
Hispanic Council Vice President Adad Delval said during this event, students learn how to dance traditional Hispanic styles on the Corbett Center outdoor stage. There will also be a social dance afterward, in the Aggie Underground, on the first floor of Corbett Center.
Garcia said some new events will be added this year, such as Hispanic Art Night, sponsored by Students for Equality, Education, and Diversity, which will start off the celebration in the Corbett Center Ballrooms on Wednesday. Fiestas Latinas Committee Chair Mikayla DeHoyos said this will be the first time Fiestas Latinas will host an event like this, and she is looking forward to seeing the crowd it will attract.“We’re going to have a guest reading,” DeHoyos said. “It will be the main event.”

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KDChi Alumna Delia Garcia goes to Washington DC

KDChi, Alpha Alpha Alumni & Kansas Rep. Garcia Invited To Nation's Capitol

U.S. Sen. Reid & Leadership Will Meet With Key Latino Elected Officials On Economic Issues Facing Latino Communities

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                 
April 14, 2010                          

WASHINGTON, DC - Economic challenges facing Latino communities across the U.S. will be the topic of discussion at a meeting tomorrow, Thursday, April 15th on Capitol Hill at the Senate Visitors Center in Room 213.  Key Latino state and local elected officials were invited to Washington D.C. for a meeting with the U.S. Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force to discuss economic issues facing Latino families in across the U.S.
During this closed meeting, Rep. Delia Garcia will meet personally with U.S. Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid and Sens. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) and Robert Menendez (D-NJ) to help raise awareness about economic issues facing Latinos in Kansas and possible ideas to create jobs, and strengthen our economy, one state at a time.

"It is my goal is to inform our U.S. Senate Leadership and Senate Members on this Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force that Kansas Latinos have been especially hit hard during these economic hard times, especially in the construction jobs," says State Rep. Delia Garcia. "We in the heartland of the U.S. in the great state of Kansas are feeling these economic hardships at about 5% unemployment in some parts of our state, which is why I think it is imperative for some program funding to be targeted to area-specific communities."

Senate Democrats know well that Hispanics, like all Americans, are struggling to keep their jobs and survive in these dire economic times. Job losses continue, unemployment remains high, and family incomes have been hit hard by the recession. As the Senate continues to work on passing legislation to create jobs and build on the work that has been done over the past year to help turn around our economy, it is in this forum meeting that we will have the opportunity for Democratic Senators to engage with Latino state and local elected officials on addressing these issues. 
"This is an important opportunity for Kansas to be represented and for me to speak directly with the decision makers in Washington about the benefits of innovative action steps suggested by us elected officials on the ground in our respective states," said Rep. Delia Garcia.

A Press Conference led by U.S. Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) will take place on Thursday, April 15th at 3pm at the Senate Visitors Center in Room 213.

About The Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force:
The U.S. Senate Democratic Hispanic Task Force was created nearly 20 years ago with the intent of strengthening relationships between Hispanic/Latino leaders and Senators to ensure the issues of greatest importance to Latinos are at the top of our legislative agenda in order to work together to address mutual concerns.

11 Members of KDChi will be initiated in April

Latina Sorority Fosters New Relationships at Southwestern Univ

Members of the new Kappa Delta Chi sorority at Southwestern. 

Leading with Integrity, United through Service. 

Kristi Lenderman, president of Southwestern University’s Kappa Delta Chi sorority, has taken the group’s official motto to heart. Since joining the Latina-based sorority, also known as KDChi, Lenderman has not only assumed a leadership role among her sisters, but has also worked hard to extend the sorority’s reach to the wider community.  

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KDChi's new addition to the family and NALFO Awards

Lubbock, TX - KDChi's new addition to the family and NALFO Awards

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to announce our new addition to the sisterhood. It is with great pleasure Vice President of Expansion Mani Banwait and National External Recruitment Officer Veronica Hernandez traveled to Georgetown, TX for the colonization of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc at Southwestern University located just minutes away from Austin Texas. 11 dedicated charters were initiated this past weekend into our sisterhood and colony email is [email protected] should you want to congratulate them.

Members of their big sister, Pi chapter from the University of Texas at Austin were in attendance as was their Advisor, Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Kappa Delta Chi National VP of Collegiate Affairs, Mary Gonzalez. These ladies share a passion for community service and are already making a name for themselves on campus and were featured in the University Newspaper. Congratulations ladies! Keep up the great work!

In other news, KDChi was well represented at the National Association for Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) Awards Gala held in Arlington, Virginia over the weekend. Of the many attendees, KDChi National President, Akisha Hernandez and Mary Gonzalez attended. The sisterhood continues a tradition of taking home many of the awards that are handed out at the annual awards banquet. KDChi President Akisha beamed and immediately shared the information with sisters upon hearing the news about the 2010 NALFO awards KDChi took home including:

National Philanthropic Organization of the Year:

  Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

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Pi Sister asked to blog for misma

Pi Chapter sis asked to blog on why she chose KDChi

Misma - A Latina perspective blog on culture, news, and politics.

The Story of a Latina Sorority Girl

Hello all!! My name is Anali Martinez. I am a 3rd year civil engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin. I was asked to write for this blog about my experience as a Latina who is in a sorority. I am proud to say that I am a sister of a Latina-founded Service sorority, Kappa Delta Chi - Pi Chapter .

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Kappa Delta Chi Sister of Alpha Nu Chapter chosen as Greek Life Blogger...

Kappa Delta Chi Sister of Alpha Nu Chapter chosen as Greek Life Blogger...

Hello from Your New Favorite Penguin!

January 31, 2010

Introducing KDChi to the campus...

tags: Brandy, Intoductions, KDChi

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KDChi Alpha Kappa wins Deans Award of Excellence

KDChi Alpha Kappa awarded Deans Award of Excellence at Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

2009-2010 Buckys Award Winners

The Buckys is an esteemed awards banquet that recognizes outstanding student leaders and student organizations. Awards are given to those organizations that go above and beyond, and work hard to constantly serve the campus and community.

For more information on the Buckys and how to apply for the 2010-2011 awards, please contact the Organization Development Consultants at [email protected].

Dean's Award of Excellence

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Delta Alumna seeks sponsorships

Stephanie Valenzuela, Delta Alum seeks donations for her "Up with People" project!

A personal letter from Stephanie to her KDChi sisters:

Dear Sisters,

As a young girl, I knew very little of the program Up with People; however, that changed a couple of years ago when I crossed paths with an old friend who shared her experience as a former cast member of Up with People. She raved about the adventure of travel, the friendships she cultivated worldwide, the opportunity for service, and the cultural diversity. I left her intrigued and with a desire to know more. I thought, “That’s something I would like to do someday.” Now, years after my brief introduction as a child and a friend’s testimonial, I find myself a part of the wonderful international leadership program that is Up with People.

I have been accepted to travel with Up with People as part of Cast B 2010. This adventure begins in Denver, Colorado with a month of staging and orientation. Our tentative itinerary takes us from the Western states of the USA to Taiwan, Japan, back to the states for a stop in Texas and eventually Mexico.

Up with People (UWP) is a non-profit organization that provides an opportunity to Travel with a purpose, Perform for thousands and Impact communities. UWP provides a unique combination of performing arts, community service, international travel and a host family exchange to create a positive impact in each community and break down cultural barriers. UWP uses music to communicate with and inspire people while also infusing a sense of social responsibility and dedication to community service as part of their core elements. The program offers a chance to gain a global perspective and a better understanding of other cultures and social issues. UWP fosters leadership skills and opportunities for professional development and personal growth.

I am thrilled to be a part of such an organization. I have a degree in Psychology and I am currently working on my Masters in Human Relations. I also volunteer at Tu Nidito as a grief support facilitator. I love working with and for people. Connecting to each community through the participation of various community service projects, performing a dynamic musical show and experiencing global education curriculum during my UWP adventure will allow me to develop necessary life skills and broader perspectives making me a better leader and global citizen. I enjoy traveling and welcome the opportunity to immerse myself in diverse cultures and find myself eager to learn through new and rewarding challenges.

In order to help make my experience with UWP a reality I am seeking your financial assistance. The program fee for my tour from June through December is $14,250 and includes nearly all costs associated with the program. Although this is a large sum, it is a worthy investment in my future. I am asking for your help to attain my goal. My trip is 150 days.

If you would be interested in sponsoring one day of my travels at $93 dollars, I will be successful in my attempts to secure funding. On a day of your choosing, I will send you a post card detailing my day’s adventure.

To help sponsor my participation, simply make your check payable to Stephanie Valenzuela and include Up With People in the memo line. Your much appreciated contribution can be mailed to the address below. You may also visit my myspace page to make an online donation via PayPal and to track my fundraising efforts and future travels.Any assistance you can provide will go directly toward my program costs and will be of great value in helping me achieve this opportunity of a lifetime.

If you have any questions about Up with People, please contact myself or my Admissions Counselor, Ellen Enebo. She can be reached by email: [email protected] .

If you are interested in learning more about Up with People, please visit the official Up with People website. Thank you so much for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Warm regards,
Stephanie Valenzuela
734 W. Calle Garcia
Tucson, Arizona 85706
[email protected]
Phone: 520-429-3308 

KDChi, Alpha Chapter wins Chapter of the Year

Texas Tech Univ- Center for Campus Life hosts Greek Awards

By Kesley Heckel, Staff Writer
The Daily Toreador
Published: Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Center for Campus Life hosted the Greek Awards on Saturday in which all the greek councils were recognized and recognized individual member organizations. The Center for Campus Life hosted the Greek Awards on Wednesday at the Overton Hotel to honor members of the four greek councils and to recognize sororities, fraternities and individuals for the work they have done throughout the year. “The fraternities and sororities are eligible if they are a member of one of the four councils,” said Jason Biggs, assistant director for the Center of Campus Life. “The awards are a way to recognize the great things that our greek students do.” Biggs said the council determines the awards by involvement, scholarship, service and leadership shown by the sororities and fraternities.

The four councils are the Interfraternity Council, which organizes fraternities; the Inter-Greek Council, which is comprised of the traditionally multicultural fraternities and sororities; the National Pan-Hellenic Council, which is comprised of the traditionally African-American founded fraternities and sororities; and the Panhellenic Council, which organizes sororities.

Three of the councils presented a chapter-of-the-year award within their council and then came together to vote on the winner of the Dean’s Cup of Excellence for Greek Life, an award that is offered to only one sorority or fraternity a year.

Chapters of the year were Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc., Alpha Chapter of IGC, Phi Gamma Delta for IFC, and Kappa Alpha Theta for PH. 

Kappa Delta Chi was also recognized with four additional awards, Highest GPA of all Greeks on campus, Excellence in Community Service, Excellence in Leadership, Excellence in Scholarship, and Outstanding Inter-Greek Sophomore (received by Juanita Rodriguez).

To qualify for the Dean’s Cup of Excellence for Greek Life, the chapter had to have won one of the chapters of the year awards presented by the councils. The award was presented to Kappa Alpha Theta for outstanding excellence within the greek community. “We try to make sure our girls are well rounded by being involved on campus and in Lubbock in general,” said Danya Askins, a junior speech, language and hearing science major from Lubbock and Kappa Alpha Theta scholarship chair. A check for $1,700 was presented to the Boys and Girls Club at the banquet as a result of earnings from Greek Weekend and T-shirt and button sales within the sororities and fraternities. “Each year we choose a charity that we would like to make ties to,” said Nina Stromberg, vice president of the Panhellenic executive council. “We reached out to the Boys and Girls Club and have really tried to be involved and active with them.”

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KDCHi has 1000 Facebook Friends!

Happy Cesar Chavez day!

Si Se' Puede sisters!

On a sad note, Jaime Escalante of famed movie "Stand and Deliver", died. You can read about his life and legacy here or by becoming our friend on facebook.

Also, it's a sad anniversary for all Tejano music fans, it's hard to believe but it's been 15 years since Selena Quintanilla Perez died.

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Eleven KDChi members will be initiated in April 2010 at Southwestern Univ.

Eleven KDChi members will be initiated in April 2010 at Southwestern Univ.

Leading with Integrity, United through Service.

Kristi Lenderman, president of Southwestern University’s Kappa Delta Chi sorority, has taken the group’s official motto to heart. Since joining the Latina-based sorority, also known as KDChi, Lenderman has not only assumed a leadership role among her sisters, but has also worked hard to extend the sorority’s reach to the wider community.

KDChi was founded in 1987 by four women attending Texas Tech in Lubbock, Texas. Each of the founding sisters shared a driving desire to foster relationships between the Latina population at their university and to serve their community. They valued qualities such as unity, honesty, integrity and leadership, and used them to develop a rich service-based sisterhood that supports the American Cancer Society as its official philanthropy.

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KDChi Alpha Delta Community Service

KDChi's Alpha Delta Chapter takes part in ACS, Relay for Life Campaign.

Relay for Life campaign A Success

By Rey Sifuentes Jr., The Kingsville Record and Bishop News

The American Cancer Society’s 2010 Relay for Life crusade kicked off with a ‘Survivor’s Dinner’ at the Henrietta Memorial Center on March 4, 2010.An attendance consisting of 60 cancer survivors along with 90 caregivers, sponsors and volunteers made the event a great success. This year’s theme is ‘A World with More Birthdays’.

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KDChi, SMU commits to raising $1,987 for ACS

Kappa Delta Chi's, Upsilon Chapter at SMU commits to fundraising  $1,987 in Relay For Life benefiting the American Cancer Society. It is a HUGE event at SMU and will take place on April 9th from 4pm-4am.

Any KDChi sister is welcome to come and visit Dallas in the meantime! Sisters take care of sisters. We would greatly appreciate if you can forward this to the rest of our sisters in your respective chapters so that we may raise as much money as possible. Any amount helps!

We are really excited about this and look forward to any support you can provide. We're hoping to raise atleast the amount of $1,987 to commemorate our founding date! Please visit our donation site and contribute whatever you can!

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KDChi Zeta Chapter Serves the Community

KDChi Zeta hosts Kickball Tournament to benefit cancer victims

by Leslie Howland of the Houstonian

Issue date: 4/12/05 Section: Campus News

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. will host the first co-ed KDKickball tournament to benefit the American Cancer Society on April 30 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at Emancipation Park.

Teams consist of 10 players, two alternate players, and a team coach. The cost to participate is $10 per person on the team. The fee includes lunch and a team shirt.

Teams will be able to choose a color for their team shirts that will designate their team in the tournament. The tournament will be a single elimination tournament with consolation bracket. Trophies, ribbons, and other prizes will be awarded to the winners.

Claudia Gutierrez, event coordinator, encourages all students and organizations to participate as well as members of the Huntsville community. Interested organizations include the Huntsville Police Department, Huntsville Fire Department, and student organizations.

Gutierrez said, "This is a great opportunity for people to have fun, build morale and comradery, while still helping out a great cause."

Other universities that participate in the event include the University of Houston and Texas A&M. KDKickball is the sorority's campaign to raise money for its national philanthropy.

The money raised through team registration and fundraising will benefit the American Cancer Society.

The sorority's national foundation Web site in 2003 said the foundation donated $7,500 to the American Cancer Society in support of Relay for Life/Relevo por la vida, and in 2004, and $5,000 was donated in support of various outreach efforts that ACS sponsors for the minority community.

People interested in participating can register April 18 from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the LSC, room 321, or e-mail KDChi at [email protected] ATTN: KDKickball.

KDChi celebra Sirviendo La communidad

KDChi celebra La Emerald Gala para apoya el servicio a la comunidad Latina

Dec. 2009, escrito por Alexandria Harris

Estudiantes latinos, antiguos alumnos, e invitados se reunieron en medio de una serie de plata y verde para celebrar la Primera Gala Anual de esmeralda patrocinado por el asociación de mujeres, Kappa Delta Chi. El evento fue gratis y los invitados se vestieron como las hermanas servido, se refirió, y destacó la importancia de servicio a la comunidad.

“Hemos decidido acoger la Gala Esmeralda, porque creemos que hay muchas personas y organizaciones, como nuestro asociación de mujeres, Kappa Delta Chi, que sirven a los campus de Madison y la comunidad, y que todos ellos merecen ser reconocidos por sus contribuciones pendientes,” la presidente Melissa Vasquez dijo.
“El servicio es importante porque no sólo le permiten devolver a la comunidad, sino que también abre los ojos de las personas a las diferentes perspectivas y les permite aprender de experiencias diversas y el pueblo,” Lexy Smigielski, el servicio de silla de Kappa Delta Chi, dijo.
Orador invitado Sharon Younkin informó a la audiencia que los estudiantes aprenden sobre el vínculo entre los servicios y académicos, están los funcionarios públicos. Ella examinó principalmente la esperanza y la capacidad de la comunidad para hacer del mundo un cambio de barrio en un momento si todo el mundo se han comprometido a servicio. “Nuestro país se enfrenta a retos y oportunidades al entrar en un nuevo sistema federal de la promoción de un programa de servicio,” Younkin señaló.

La noche continuó con la presentación de un servicio puesto en el capítulo de las hermanas Luz Arroyo y Lexy Smigielski. Las damas mostraron un power point con una definición de servicio de aprendizaje, que consiste en una reflexión para un mejor servicio del individuo, y, entonces, otra reflexión después de determinar lo que podría haber sido mejorado con el proyecto.

Kappa Delta Chi es una asociación de mujeres se centró en servir a la comunidad hispana y tiene el más fuerte red de líderes latinas en el país. Desde 1987, KDChi ha estado ayudando a las jóvenes latinas lograr el sueño de una educación superior y se convierten en éxito de las mujeres dirigentes. Lo largo de los años, Kappa Delta Chi ha crecido para incluir a las mujeres de otras culturas y etnias y tiene capítulos en todo el país.
Uno de los proyectos de las hermanas fue viajar a Milwaukee para dar los exámenes de mama a las mujeres. Se asoció con la Asociación Americana de Cáncer y también ver los niños mientras las madres asistieron a una Conferencia Mujer Latina para aprender más acerca de cómo estar sano.

“Hay un enorme número de voluntarios que existen oportunidades, pero a veces puede ser abrumadora. Al tratar de encontrar oportunidades específicas de los intereses del pueblo, creo que ayudar a la gente a encontrar oportunidades de voluntariado que realmente tienen una pasión por la,” Smigielski explicó.
La presidente Melissa Vásquez presentó los premios para dos personas pendientes de pago para el servicio a la comunidad, Natalie y Mack Taylor Sorenberg, que recibió doscientos cincuenta dólares. También presentó un premio de quinientos dólares para Sigma Lambda Gamma, una organización que hizo una gran cantidad de trabajo para la comunidad.

“Somos una organización dedicada al servicio de la universidad y la comunidad minoritaria con un especial énfasis en la población hispana debido a esto muchas de las organizaciones filantrópicas y las oportunidades que hemos presentado, la participación de la comunidad latina,” Vásquez afirmó.

KDChi sis featured as A&M's Guest Columnist

KDChi sis featured as A&M's Guest Columnist

Texas A&M University , By Adriana Mariscal

Updated: Monday, March 1, 2010

Kappa Delta Chi chapter president Adriana Marsical leads with commitment to community service and outreach.

College, for me, has been an experience unlike any other. Through my experiences as a student leader, I have grown wise beyond my years and adopted a new mantra, "Leading with Integrity, United through Service."

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KDChi, Theta Alumna Named Role Model of the Week

KDChi, Theta Alum Cindy Vasquez is Great Minds in STEM Role Model of the Week. STEM is a national organization dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Cindy Vasquez
Global Trading System – System Administrator

March 16th (Houston, TX) Cindy was born and raised in California to Salvadoran immigrant parents. Throughout their struggle to provide a better life for their three children, Cindy’s parents remained vigilant in stressing the importance of education and in remaining true to their culture. As the youngest of three children they held Cindy to a strict and high standard while constantly ensuring that she had the resources and tools she needed to succeed. Throughout Cindy’s primary education she worked hard and was dedicated to her studies. It was here that she was first recognized for her good grades and her perseverance which earned her the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. During these years Cindy was also introduced to computers and technology which would influence her in making key decisions later in life. The exposure Cindy received at this early age motivated her to learn as much as she could about computers. In addition in an effort to support their daughter’s interest, Cindy’s parent’s encouraged her development by giving her a personal computer. Although it was a sacrifice for them they believed Cindy would benefit from this in the future. 

In her secondary education, Cindy continued to excel and spent time exploring other interests as well as expanding her knowledge in technology by taking additional computer courses. While in high school Cindy actively participated in after school activities and continued to challenge herself by taking a number of honors classes. She was a member of the Spanish Honor Society and the varsity soccer team. She successfully graduated with a 4.11 GPA within the top 10% of her class. As she entered undergraduate studies, Cindy was focused and determined to enter the information technology industry. After reviewing various degrees she chose to attend the College of Technology at the University of Houston to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology. While in school Cindy worked part time to pay expenses not covered by grants. Although her full time school load and work occupied the majority of her time, she decided to join an on-campus organization called Kappa Delta Chi. Kappa Delta Chi’s purpose is to promote the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership dedicated to community service to their local university with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population. In her four years of college Cindy made the Dean’s list multiple times and graduated in May 2003 with a GPA in her major of 3.50.

After graduation she joined a small software company that offered application solutions to wellness and fitness centers. In an effort to continue to expand her knowledge and increase her experience, Cindy accepted a Database Administrator position with KBR. While at KBR Cindy began her graduate studies at the University of Denver to pursue a Masters of Applied Science in Technology Management with an emphasis in Project Management.

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Alpha Kappa sisters stand out at UW-Madison

KDChi, Alpha Kappa Chapter sisters recognized as Meyerhoff Fellows on UW-Madison campus

Meyerhoff fellowship to share Wisconsin Experience

March 16, 2010 (Madison, Wisconsin)

All Meyerhoff Excellence Award-winning juniors and seniors are now eligible to apply for the new Meyerhoff Wisconsin Experience Fellowship.

Excellence award recipients are recognized for demonstrating academic excellence in tandem with leadership and activism, global and cultural engagement and the application of knowledge to the real world.

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