KDChi Launches Campaign to encourage Civic Engagement


Kappa Delta Chi launches campaign to encourage civic engagement, spreads from coast to coast

by KDChi National Communications Officer Sherry Flores

For Immediate Release:

Buttons sent to chapters across the country

LUBBOCK, TX - On Election Day, Tuesday, November 6 sisters of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority all across the nation sported a new fashion accessory. Buttons.

Following an enthusiastic response to the politically-themed KDChi National Newsletter in early October, sorority President Mary Gonzalez, Vice President of Public Affairs Gina Garcia, and Vice President of Fiscal Affairs, Tiffany Hopwood began discussing ways to encourage sisters to become engaged in the election. "It started with the amazing graphic built by our talented sister, Adriana Flores," said Garcia.

Following a quick discussion, the national officers decided to sponsor a KDChi Voter campaign. Each chapter would receive up to 20 buttons paid for by the national organization. Within two hours of the notice informing sisters of the initiative, undergraduate and alumnae chapters from all over the country were ordering buttons and the first orders were being designed and shipped. By the offer deadline, over 1,000 buttons had been ordered by sisters across the country. 

Alpha Beta Chapter sister Belinda Palomino sporting her new button

Enthusiasm has already started to build among sisters waiting for their buttons: "I can't wait to wear mine proudly!" stated University of Oklahoma - Sigma Chapter sister, Kristin Garcia. "Thank you for sponsoring the buttons! We will wear them with great pride!" said Jessica García De Paz from California State University Monterrey Bay - Alpha Phi Chapter.

The initiative even inspired the Southern Nevada Alumnae Chapter to host a voting event on Sunday, October 28. Many alumnae and active sisters came together for the event to

Erika Herrera (right) voting for the first time and Karina Herrera from Alpha Zeta Chapter

cast their ballots for the 2012 election. Erika Herrera, a freshman of the Alpha Zeta Chapter at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas tweeted a photo of herself voting for the first time saying, "I voted! It felt awesome."

 As Election Day draws near, many sisters continue to show excitement and enthusiasm for casting their votes in the upcoming election. At a time when our nation is seeing one of the most exciting elections in its history, the sisters of Kappa Delta Chi are proudly voicing their opinions and will continue to do so at the polls.


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