KDChi sis featured as A&M's Guest Columnist

KDChi sis featured as A&M's Guest Columnist

Texas A&M University , By Adriana Mariscal

Updated: Monday, March 1, 2010

Kappa Delta Chi chapter president Adriana Marsical leads with commitment to community service and outreach.

College, for me, has been an experience unlike any other. Through my experiences as a student leader, I have grown wise beyond my years and adopted a new mantra, "Leading with Integrity, United through Service."

Being a college student is no easy task, and becoming a student leader on top of that makes things all the more hectic.

Since my initiation into Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. in spring 2008, I have dedicated my efforts to further the principles I have come to know, love and apply to everything that I do. Unity, honesty, integrity and leadership have become an essential part of who I am.

A majority of the leadership development that I have encountered in my career at A&M has been through my membership in KDChi, a Latina-founded but multicultural service sorority. We have provided countless hours of community service through different forms of outreach and community involvement.

My dedication to outreach, community involvement and service is apparent through my involvement with different mentoring programs on campus. It is important to guide the youth of today toward a more promising future and I choose to serve as a peer mentor during these leadership development conferences for incoming freshmen and high school students.

But leadership doesn't come as easy as one would think. Others have doubted my ability to lead. It's understandable, since as a sophomore and one year member of the organization I was elected sorority president. Many wondered whether I was qualified or able to take on such huge role.

Halfway into my term, I've come to realize the sorority's well-being is most important to me, with everything else taking a back seat. Making hard decisions and tough calls are part of my job. Ultimately, it's about what is best for our sisterhood, not one individual - even me.

Greeks have had a bad reputation for as long as I can remember. The media focuses on issues such as drinking, hazing and a lack of morality. KDChi strives to work against those stereotypes and eliminate them by maintaining a strict code of ethics, highlighting the efforts we make in bettering our communities and our campus. It is definitely not easy leading an organization that has been set up for failure by those who do not understand what Greek Life is truly about, only choosing to see what the media portrays.

Leading a group of talented, intelligent, selfless and powerful young women whom I call sisters is definitely one of the biggest joys I get out of my leadership experience with KDChi. Serving the community and giving back to those who have given so much to me are the main reasons I decided Kappa Delta Chi would be the medium through which I would lead my campus and community towards a more promising future.

Voicing the opinions and suggestions of students with similar life experiences has been pivotal in my leadership development. I believe strongly that sharing our experiences with each other, however different they may be, will help alleviate the differences in perception that sometimes prevent us from seeing the bigger picture.

One of my favorite quotes about leadership is by John Maxwell. "A great leader's courage to fulfill his vision comes from passion, not position." I don't have a doubt in my mind that he speaks the truth, I am a strong believer that we all play a role in the lives of those whom are around us, title or not. We all lead and play a role in each other's lives, and then there are those who take that leadership to another level. I speak about those who make leadership a way of life, people who take roles and are ready to guide their communities towards a better tomorrow. These are the people who will pave the way for others and make the biggest difference in our society.

Five questions for Adriana:

1 What do you love most about being an Aggie? What I love most about being an Aggie is the traditions. From Midnight Yell to Big Event and Muster, tradition makes our school one of a kind. Most importantly, traditions instill leadership, unity and servitude within all Aggies. The Spirit of Aggieland is defined by experiencing these traditions.

2 If you had three hours of free time, what would you do with it? I would most definitely play basketball and then hang out and relax with my KDChi sisters.

3 When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up? I wasn't fixed on one occupation, but three. I often switched between wanting to be a teacher, an astronaut and a marine biologist.

4 What are your goals for after graduation? I plan on attending graduate school in genetic engineering, followed by a doctorate in genetics or a related field. I hope to work in research that might lead to advancements with genetic disorders such as autism and Down syndrome.

5 What is your favorite memory made at Aggieland so far? My best memories made in Aggieland so far have been random moments spent with my sisters. From pond hopping with seniors to dragging one of my class sisters around campus to win a scavenger hunt, the best times have been those that are spontaneous and spent with the ones I love.

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