In 1987 four young women from the Rio Grande Valley had a vision while attending Texas Tech University in Lubbock, TX. Their vision was to create something so special and unique that it would leave a legacy for others who followed. They recognized the need to unify and promote leadership amongst Hispanic women at the university. That vision became Kappa Delta Chi. The Founders are Cynthia Garza-Fleitman, Nellie Flores-Ledesma, Irene Montoya and Melissa Montoya. With the strong foundations of service, Christianity and friendship, they created a sisterhood that 20 years later is stronger than ever. They sought to incorporate the principles of Unity, Honesty, Integrity, and Leadership into this organization.

The women began the steps to become recognized as an organization at the university and asked Marlene Hernandez, Associate Director of New Student Relations to be their advisor. The Founders enlisted the aid of ten women to help promote the ideals and philosophy of the sorority to other Hispanic women at Texas Tech. These ten women are known as the Charter members of Kappa Delta Chi. They are as follows:

Rocio Briseno

Melissa Chavez

Mary Garza

Maria Pando

Christella Rivera

Dahlia Cavazos

Suzanna Cisneros

Doris Mendiola

Theresa Reyes

Carline Soto

Due to the hard work and effort of the Founders and the Charter members, Kappa Delta Chi was recognized as an official organization at Texas Tech University on April 6, 1987. This historic day is officially recognized as Kappa Delta Chi’s founding date.

Kappa Delta Chi became a nationally recognized sorority with the induction of the first chapter outside of Texas in 1991. Over the years, Kappa Delta Chi has grown to include women of various ethnicities and cultures and has inducted other chapters throughout the country. All with the common premise of joining Kappa Delta Chi because of the scholastic, philanthropic, and ethical standards that it cultivates and encourages. These are the standards that we emanate through sisterly friendship and servitude to each other and to those around us.

As the result of our sisterhood’s diligent work and determination, Kappa Delta Chi was recognized as a service-based, nonprofit corporation by the State of Texas on September 25, 1997. Subsequently, our sisterhood has become known as Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

In 2000 the Kappa Delta Chi Foundation was established in order to develop and implement programs that exclusively support philanthropic purposes and to establish educational scholarships and grants.