Graduate Intake

Prospective members to apply for the graduate intake process.

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Are you a Kappa Delta Chi Legacy?

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A candidate must have received a degree from an accredited four-year institution.
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How did you hear about Kappa Delta Chi Sorority?
Do you know any Kappa Delta Chi members? If so, who and how?
Why do you want to join Kappa Delta Chi?
What do you feel you can contribute to Kappa Delta Chi?
What do you expect to gain from Kappa Delta Chi?
What does community service mean to you?
Have you previously been a New Member of Kappa Delta Chi? If so, please explain why you did not complete the process.
List any other Greek-letter organizations with which you are affiliated and their founding purpose (e.g. academic, honor, social, service)
Official Transcript
Official transcript or a picture of your diploma from a four-year institution of higher education.
Professional Resume
Your professional resume
Personal Biography
A one-page personal biography including the following: Personal History/background, Goals and Aspirations, Leadership Roles, and Organizational Experience and membership
You will receive an invoice for the graduate intake application fee that need to be paid to finish processing your application.
Graduate intake fee $100

I agree that the information submitted is accurate to the best of my knowledge.