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School Name



Alpha Texas Tech University
Beta Texas A&M University
Gamma University of Texas - El Paso
Delta University of Arizona
Epsilon The University of Texas Arlington -
Zeta Sam Houston State University
Eta West Texas A&M University
Theta University of Houston
Iota New Mexico State University
Kappa Northern Arizona University
Lambda Arizona State University
Mu (Dormant) Eastern New Mexico University 
Nu Tarleton State University
Xi Prairie View A&M University
Omicron Texas State University - San Marcos
Pi The University of Texas - Austin
Rho Washington State University
Sigma       The University of Oklahoma   @OUPenguins
Tau (Dormant) University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee 
Upsilon Southern Methodist University
Phi Stephen F. Austin State University
Chi The University of Texas - San Antonio
Psi St. Mary's University
Omega Reserved    
Alpha Alpha Wichita State University
Alpha Beta The University of Texas - Rio Grande Valley
Alpha Gamma California State University - Dominguez Hills
Alpha Delta Texas A&M University - Kingsville
Alpha Epsilon Baylor University
Alpha Zeta University of Nevada - Las Vegas
Alpha Eta University of Nevada - Reno
Alpha Theta - Colony
University of Houston Downtown 
Alpha Iota Texas A&M International University
Alpha Kappa University of Wisconsin - Madison
Alpha Lambda Eastern Washington University
Alpha Mu Texas Southern University
Alpha Nu Midwestern State University
Alpha Xi Texas A&M University - Commerce @TAMUCPenguins
Alpha Omicron University of New Mexico
Alpha Pi University of Washington
Alpha Rho Lamar University
Alpha Sigma Florida State University
Alpha Tau Southwestern University
Alpha Upsilon University of North Texas
Alpha Phi California State University - Monterrey Bay
Alpha Chi University of Utah
Alpha Psi Oregon State University @KDXAlphaPsi
Alpha Omega Southern Illinois University - Carbondale
Beta Alpha University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Beta Beta Clarkson University
Beta Gamma Our Lady of the Lake University
Beta Delta  Western Oregon University
Beta Epsilon Michigan State University
Beta Zeta University of Texas - Dallas @UTD_KDChi
Beta Eta Colorado State University - Fort Collins
Beta Theta Northeastern Illinois University
Beta Iota Oklahoma State University  
Beta Kappa University of Central Oklahoma  
Beta Lambda  University of California, Merced  
Beta Mu Portland State University  
Beta Nu Emporia State University  
Beta Xi University of South Carolina  
Beta Omicron Northwestern University  
Beta Pi University of North Texas - Dallas  
Beta Rho
California State University, Los Angeles  
Beta Sigma
Heritage University  
Beta Tau
California State University, San Bernardino  
Colony Northern Illinois University  
Colony Auburn University  
Colony University of Idaho  
Colony University of West Florida  
Colony Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi
Colony University of Southern California  
Colony University of Incarnate World