National Administrative Council

The National Administrative Council is comprised of the National President and 12 Vice Presidents.
Each serve a two year term.

National President

Paula Arno Martinez

VP of Standards

Adriana Mariscal

VP of Collegiate Affairs

Kathaleeya Gomez

VP of Intake

Dr. Brianna Beltran

VP of Sorority Growth

Claudia Salinas

VP of Public Affairs

Katrina Arroyos

VP of Information Technology

Kenya Bener

VP of Education & Curriculum


VP of Leadership Conference

Jenika Duron

VP of Diversity & Inclusion


VP of Records


VP of Fiscal Affairs

Tiffany Hopwood

National Officers

National Officers are comprised of 19 officers who serve a one year term.
All officers report directly to a National VP.

Mozelle Moreno

Kappa Delta Chi has undergraduate and alumnae chapters across the U.S.


We have created districts & regions in order to effectively manage communication with all chapters across the nation.


Districts are lead by 19 District Chairs who report to their respective Regional Director.


Alumnae chapters follow the same regional structure as undergraduate chapters. They are lead by eight Alumnae Regional Chairs.

Alumnae Regional Chairs

Regional Directors

District Chairs