KDChi's Alpha Epsilon Alumna Estee Hernandez on helping first-generation college students

KDChi's Alpha Epsilon Alumna and North Florida Active Alumna sister Estee Hernandez shares what shaped her passion for helping first-generation college students pursue higher education degrees. We are so proud of you and thank you for giving back to your community. 

Credit: Florida State University Office of Graduate Fellowships and Awards partnered with Tell Your Story.

Take a look at her Youtube video by clicking here. 


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Latest KDChi News

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KDChi announces Leslie Salinas, 20, of UCLA Extension as an honorary sister - April 2017


Contact: Connie Ann Tucker, KDChi VP of Records [email protected]

April 19, 2017 - Sisters, it is with pleasure that the Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc.'s National Membership Committee announces Leslie Salinas, 20, of the University of California, Los Angeles Extension as an honorary sister. This distinction is an honor extended to the most extraordinary individuals across the nation. Nominated by our Southern California Alumnae Chapter, Leslie Salinas is an outstanding example of a leader who exemplifies what it is to be a KDChi. Salinas was selected for her outstanding contributions to the [email protected] and disability communities and for dedicating her life to serving others.

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KDChi's Beta Alpha Chapters wins award at Greek Oscars

For release. April 18th, 2017
KDChi just received word that our KDChi Beta Alpha Chapter at the University of Illinois received third place in the Outstanding Scholarship Programming at their annual Greek Oscars ceremony! Way to go ladies and thank you for what you do.
Every year, the Univ of IL and their governing councils recognize chapters on our campus for their outstanding performance in a variety of areas. With a fraternity and sorority community made up 90+ chapters, the chapters we recognize must truly go above and beyond to receive this recognition. 
All of our winners for the 2016 calendar year can be found online at  Please join us in congratulating these chapters for their exceptional performance.
We congratulate our sisters and all of the winners at the University of Illinois!

KDChi's Latest News


KDChi Alumna creates Fiesta Medal, in style of a paleta cart

"Fiesta Friends, I'm over the moon excited!! Here it is, my very first Fiesta Medal!!! The Paleta Cart!! I'm so honored to have been able to pair up with SA Flavor to make this medal possible!! A dollar of every medal sold will go to my charity of choice Girls Incorporated of San Antonio."
- Amanda Infante, Beta Chapter Alumna at Texas A&M University

 Paleta Cart 2017 Fiesta Medal by Amanda Infante

Garrett Heath, San Antonio Flavor

April is my favorite time in San Antonio, not just because it’s Fiesta or that the Spurs begin their playoff run. I love this month because it is the most perfect weather in San Antonio. And with that perfect temperature, it’s inevitable that you’ll hear the *ring*ring* of the bell on the paleta carts. So when I heard that Amanda Infante wanted to feature one on her 2017 Fiesta Medal, I was over the moon at the opportunity to make it!

I met Amanda and her husband (more on him later) last year. They’re members of the FiestaMedal Maniacs Facebook page and constantly followed my competitions/medal hidings and won several of them! Whether it was finding me Rosella Coffee or stopping by SA Pops where I stashed a medal there, these two were tenacious medal hunters—I’d like to think that the paleteria where she found the hidden medal was some sort of inspiration for her’s this year.

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KDChi Beta Xi sister Lizeth Morales named as USC's student spotlight

For release March 2, 2017: KDChi is proud to announce that a KDChi Beta Xi chapter sister, Lizeth Morales of The University of South Carolina Fraternity and Sorority Life was as a student spotlight in March 2017. Here is the write up they publicized, congrats sister!

"Our #StudentSpotlight this week is Lizeth Morales (Lichaa Morales). Lichaa an experimental psychology major and is serving as the current president of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. She is a member of Latin American Student Organization as well as previously serving as the treasurer for the Multicultural Greek Council. She is a wonderful leader serving her chapter and always working to promote positive change on campus."


KDChi and Political Involvement & Engagement

Q & A with BOD Chair Ruby Alvarado Hernandez
(Main content originally published in The Fall 2012 Emerald Magazine)

Can a KDChi chapter be politically active in a campaign or a political party? 
A KDChi chapter can be active in voter registration initiatives, and various legislative items, i.e. raising tuition and fees/lowering state assistance to the universities. However, as a chapter and as an agent/representative of Kappa Delta Chi you cannot actively assist in an individual's campaign or a political party's platform. An example of this would be, I as Ruby Alvarado Hernandez, can volunteer for the Green Party and the presidential candidate they have, however I cannot wear KDChi paraphernalia while going door to door to advocate for this candidate, nor can I contact others as a member of Kappa Delta Chi to advocate for a particular candidate or party platform. In addition, I cannot, "as a chapter" of Kappa Delta Chi, endorse a particular candidate or party ticket/platform.

If I'm a KDChi sister who is very passionate about a certain political or environmental cause, are there any restrictions to wearing my letters to participate in a political event?
You cannot as an agent/representative of our organization advocate for a particular political party or its candidate(s). This is a time when you can sit back and take a litmus test of sorts. Would someone be able to make the assumption that you are taking a stand for a particular candidate as an agent of our organization if you are wearing our paraphernalia? If the answer is yes, don’t wear the shirt. In situations such as these, one needs to keep in mind why you are wearing letters to such an event, Is it an event that the chapter has voted on to take a stand on (see the political activities policy) or is the shirt you just happened to grab that morning, or are you trying to make a point by showing that you are a member of a Greek Letter Organization? If your chapter has already voted against taking a stand on a particular issue, I would suggest not wearing your letters. Wearing your letters indicates pride in our organization, and although you may have particular political leanings they may not always fall in line with those of the organization or all of its members. 

Can KDChi as a national organization or chapters take a partisan stance on issues?
As a national organization we have chosen to stand down on certain political issues because we are composed of members from all walks of life with varying beliefs and political leanings. We, as an organization, try to be inclusive of all and taking stances as an organization would restrict us from that. With the aforementioned rules, the national organization is trying to ensure is that we follow IRS regulations to maintain our 501 (c) 7 status. And that status does limit what we can do and who we can and cannot advocate for.  That being said there are some issues that our national organization or an individual chapter may want to take a stand against, i.e. raising tuition. There is a procedure in place in the political activities policy (Check memberclicks and your governing documents) where individual chapters can discuss and vote to take a stand on a particular issue. Roberts rules of order apply.

Q- Am I allowed to run for office and serve my community while being an officer of KDChi on a chapter/regional or national level?

Yes you can, in fact we've had many sisters serve in their local and statewide legislative boards and who are currently serving on a variety of levels.  Keep in mind you are not allowed to use KDChi funds, emails for campaign purposes or resources toward your campaign. Also, you're not allowed to bill KDChi mileage if you're attending a campaign event, just because you met with a chapter there. Also, we have quite the network of sisters, and although you can ask individuals to help with your campaign, chapters and agents/representatives of Kappa Delta Chi cannot campaign for you. So please make sure if sisters are helping you with your campaign there are doing so as individuals and not as members of Kappa Delta Chi.

Q- If I'm a KDChi sister who's interviewed about a cause and I'm wearing my letters or KDChi paraphernalia, what do I have to keep in mind when doing interviews?
Often times news reporters appear on campuses, at the mall, even at our places of business, and if you are wearing your KDChi letters you are still more than welcome to answer
any questions they may have regarding your own PERSONAL views. Now if they happen to know KDChi is a Latina based sorority and they start asking you something about our stance on
i.e. education, immigration, the key would be to make it clear that your responses are your individual views. For instance, you could say "My personal view is..." Don't speak for the
organization or the chapter on an issue unless the NAC/BOD has approved it or the chapter on their own has chosen to take a stance formally on a particular issue.
KEEP IN MIND SISTERS the national organization is not trying to prevent our members from being engaged. As passionate, informed women, we encourage all members to stand for what you believe in. Take a look at the political activities policy as it details the organizations limitations for political activities and feel free to email your BOD Chair [email protected] for any questions. 

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Alpha Epsilon Chapter charter sister Valerie Campos to be inducted into the Omega Chapter

Kemah, Texas (Dec. 7, 2016) – Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is mourning the passing of Alpha Epsilon Chapter charter sister Valerie Estrada Campos, 37, who passed on November 17, 2016 from liver complications. Valerie was born on April 15, 1979 and attended Baylor University and studied forensic science. While attending, she was a charter member for the KDChi, Alpha Epsilon Chapter that initiated in Spring 2004. She most recently worked in the Veteran's Affairs in Houston, Texas where she contributed countless hours to helping rehabilitate veterans from all walks of life.  Valerie is survived by her two children Kayden and Dora. She will be inducted into KDChi's Omega Chapter at our next National Conference in Orlando, Florida.

The following dedication is from a KDChi Alpha Epsilon Alumna sister and co-worker of Valerie's, Janisa Del Hierro, who wanted to share some special memories about her dear friend. 

Today I honor the memory of Valerie Campos as a Kappa Delta Chi sister, co-worker, and most of all a great friend.  I have known Valerie since the fall of 2004 when we both attended Baylor University.  She and I were both working towards degrees in Forensic Science and spent countless hours studying in the library with other sisters and students. Our study group became our family and community away from home as well as a support group that got us through the struggles and challenges of college life. She told me the most hilarious stories and always made us laugh.

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KDChi proud to announce our NALFO’S 2016 Award recipients

For Immediate Release Dec 5, 2016                               
Contact: Gina Garcia, KDChi VP of Public Affairs
[email protected]



Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 National Association of Latino Fraternal Organization (NALFO) Awards given out over the weekend. We are so proud of our sisters who earned the following honors.

Graduate Chapter of the Year - KDChi’s North Florida Alumnae Chapter

This award was given in recognition of an alumni chapter who has demonstrated excellence in community service, quality of programming for alumni members, and has demonstrated a commitment to the Latino community as a whole.

Rising Professional – Barby Moro, KDChi’s North Florida Alumnae Chapter (at left)

This award was meant to recognize aspiring professionals or entrepreneurs who embody the standards of the Latino Greek Community through their professional accomplishments and community involvement.

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KDChi gear can now be found on an app and site,

For Immediate Release Dec 2, 2016                               

Contact: Jessica Juarez, KDChi Official Vendor contact
[email protected]

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is excited to announce the newest extension to the Greek paraphernalia buying experience,!

Licensing is an important aspect of protecting our national organization’s brand and image. By purchasing licensed products, you are ensuring that the integrity and ownership of our trademarks are protected. We strive to provide our members, friends, and family with a diversity of high quality products at reasonable prices.

There is now a new and exciting way to easily access these products is FindGreek, the new app and website. FindGreek is customized to Kappa Delta Chi, showing the best and most unique licensed products on the market. Both the app and website are easy to use, with many features such as “collecting”, “liking”, sharing, and making it easier than ever to buy your favorite KDChi products.

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KDCHi News Updates

A few news updates on what's been going on with our KDChi family:

• 11/18/16 KDChi Alpha Xi co-hosts a blood drive and offers tips on donating.

• 9/13/16 KDChi Auburn Univ. interest group seeks to diversify campus

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KDChi Alpha Gamma, Charter Alumna Ariana Stein for her Forbes write up of her co-creating, Lil Libros

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is so proud of our KDChi Alpha Gamma, Charter Alumna Ariana Stein for her Forbes write up of her co-creating, Lil Libros! Her books are sold at Target nationwide, on and were a special featured as raffle items at our 2016 National Conference in Austin, Texas. This Forbes feature is only the beginning of her success and we're so happy to celebrate her accomplishments! Congrats sister! Interested in the books? Feel free to order here:

How Being Underestimated Drove These Two Latinas To Publish Lil' Libros

Have you ever dreamed of going into business with your best friend? Does it stay a dream, or in your mind does it turn into a nightmare? Ariana Stein and Patty Rodriguez, have been best friends since the age of twelve and will happily tell you that adding a business level to their friendship was the best decision they’ve collectively made.

After becoming moms, the duo kickstarted a business partnership with one goal in mind — creating the bilingual children’s book series that every Latina mom would love.

“The books aren’t designed to give lengthy, in-depth history lessons, as they’re only 22 pages long,” explains Ariana. “Instead the goal is to teach the basics, introduce them to culture, and motivate kids to continue learning additional words and languages. The books have always been about starting the bilingual learning journey with subjects that parents feel a connection with.”

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Official statement from Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. on the recent tragedies

For Immediate Release: July 9, 2016
Official statement from Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. on the recent tragedies:
Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Community and friends:
In our distress at the fatal shootings recently, we must once again ask ourselves, how do we respond? How can we work together for justice and peace when we find ourselves so deeply divided? How do we overcome violence and racism when tragedy upon tragedy reopens our own deepest wounds?
As the leaders of a multicultural family, we offer one word: Solidarity.
Solidarity with our Black sisters
Solidarity with our Afro-Latina sisters
Solidarity with our mixed-raced sisters
Solidarity with our sisters who are police officers and mourn their blue blood families
Solidarity with all of our neighbors and loved ones who are enduring the emotional toil that violence brings
In solidarity, we recognize our shared humanity in all of its joys, hopes and sufferings. In solidarity, we strive to bear each other’s dreams and each other's wounds. Our common humanity, our desire to live in peace, and our basic human needs all bind us together. In solidarity, we walk together on the path of peace.
Let us remember there are no right answers or immediate solutions that our words alone can provide. Let's not forget we are family and we need to respect all of our sisters, backgrounds, beliefs and emotions at this time.
KDChi's National President, Melanie Rodriguez shares the following words as she tries to absorb and respond to the violence that has erupted.
"As I read the news of the horrific events that have plagued our country in the last few days I am deeply saddened. In many ways I feel helpless. However, I also see a shift in the words I read from others. If there is one thing that has resonated with me it’s that social media is an outlet for people to vent and express their feelings about what has happened. But the real work comes offline. Where we as individuals take those emotions and reactions and put them into action. In my mind there is no one answer. There is no one leader of one movement that will change the world. Change begins with each and every one of us. No matter how big or small every action that we take has an impact on someone, somewhere."
We encourage those who need help or who are feeling distressed to seek help using the following resource American Psychological Association or other similar resources in your local community.
Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. stands in solidarity and sends prayers to the family and victims of all of those who've lost their lives or been affected by these tragedies.

KDChi Announces four new chapters

For Immediate Release June 24, 2016                               

Contact: Gina Garcia, Vice President of Public Affairs 

[email protected]


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KDChi Stands in unity with Orlando

For Immediate Release June 13, 2016                               

Contact: Gina Garcia, Vice President of Public Affairs 

[email protected]


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KDChi inducts Ret. Marine Major General, Angie Salinas as an honorary sister

• For immediate release 6/11/16 - Gina Garcia, VP of Public Affairs



Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to announce and congratulate Retired Marine Major General, Angie Salinas on her induction as an honorary sister of Kappa Delta Chi while in Austin, Texas. The ceremony took place during the National Conference and was attended by national leadership and those in attendance.

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Latest KDChi Individual sister Kudos

• 5/4/16 KDChi Sister pens post in response to racist responses to an Old Navy Ad

• 4/27/16 KDChi Pi Alumna, Alicia Rascon featured in Latina Magazine for her outstanding non-profit org, Latinitas!

 4/22/16 KDChi Pi Alumna Jelisa Jay Furaja produced a "Stories of Us by Teatro Vivo" a play that runs through May starts in Austin, Texas

• 4/21/16 KDChi Pi Chapter Alumna, Dina Chavez for her designs being featured on Austin, TX KXAN during Fashion week.


For Immediate Release Feb. 29, 2016                              

Contact: Gina Garcia, Vice President of Public Affairs 


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KDChi announces guest speaker for Natl Leadership Conference


For Immediate Release Feb. 17, 2016                               

Contact: Maggie Dominguez, Vice President Leadership Development


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