KDChi Honorary sister Dolores Huerta celebrates 83

KDChi sends a very special Happy Birthday to our KDChi sister Dolores Huerta who celebrated her 83rd birthday. We appreciate your service to the Latina/o community and celebrate with you today and everyday.

Dolores Huerta at the Washington DC March for Immigration Reform April 2013

Did you know the term that is often used "Si Se Puede!" was actually coined by Dolores Huerta and not Cesaar Chavez as many think? At a recent dinner with her KDChi sisters in Washington DC, Huerta, mother of 11 and a long time vegetarian told the story about attending a meeting with a group of activists and coining the term. It grew out of Huerta's attempt to build unity and spirit to an exhausted group of activists. The group was fighting for rights for migrant farm workers and had experienced a hard time in Arizona and said it was no use going back there to try and keep the fight going. Huerta stopped their pessimistic chatter and instead riled up the group by giving them a pep talk and told them "Si Se Puede!" The next thing she knew, the crowds were chanting the term everywhere they went and it grew into a chant even used by President Obama on the campaign trail.  

When Dolores Huerta received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2012, she told President Obama she coined the term and he acknowledged that he knew she had and he thanked her for it as he loved using it on the trail.

L-R KDChi sisters Delia Garcia & Dolores Huerta discuss immigration reform over breakfast with Fmr Secy of State Hillary Clinton & Dolores' daughter Juana.

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