KDChi makes it way to UT-Dallas

Ladies says community service and values led them to found KDChi at UT-Dallas

The Women of Integrity, Service and Honesty prospective colony for the Kappa Delta Chi sorority is expected to bring another Greek option to campus by the end of spring 2013.

The student interest group, known as WISH, is currently in the process of chartering the historically Latina-based Kappa Delta Chi, better known as KDChi, for UTD. Although not yet an official sorority, the 11 women of WISH anticipate becoming the founders of the KDChi UTD chapter by the end of the semester.

Minerva Mendoza, marketing senior and president of WISH, said she was glad to see her group come this far and hopes to share the principles of KDChi with future members.

“I can only speak from my own experiences, but what attracted me to Kappa Delta Chi was their openness and their involvement in the community,” she said. “They’re very big on community service and their values.”

Mendoza said KDChi not only focuses on community service but is also known for empowering women in education to create strong and independent members of society. The four maxims of the KDChi sorority are unity, honesty, integrity and leadership.

The soon-to-be-initiated Kappa Delta Chi sorority will join Fraternity and Sorority Life, following two other multicultural sororities that have been added in last two years.

Julie Murphy, assistant director of Greek Life programs, said she believes that the addition of another sorority will increase student involvement in Greek Life.

“I think it will just end up bringing more people to the community, because there are more options,” she said. “Typically competition makes people up their game. I think it’s going to spread people out but make them all strong in the end, so it’s exciting.”

While they are no longer taking on new members for this semester, students can attend interest sessions later this semester for fall 2013 recruitment.

Courtesy of the UT-Dallas Newspaper, The Mercury
full article: http://www.utdmercury.com/news/campus_news/article_60eb94e8-9003-11e2-a81c-0019bb30f31a.html

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