KDChi SFA Colony unveiled

KDChi SFA Colony makes a comeback with a car wash 

Kappa Delta Chi makes a comeback, offers a community car wash Saturday

By: Moises Hernandez

Issue date: 9/16/10 Section: News

Feeling dirty? Students with wheels will driveround Nacogdoches and quickly experience how the Piney Woods will add anice coat of red dirt atop their car polish. Cars in Nacogdoches willget really dirty, really fast. This Saturday, the Kappa Delta Chi Charter class of SFA will host a car wash to help students case thestress of the dirt. If you're in the mood for a quick wash, head overto 1420 North St. at the nearest Save-a-Lot.

From Jeeps to Bugs, students can drive up tothe parking lot and expect warm smiles to go with their car washes.However, behind the soap and sponges, a bigger intent is driving theKappa Delta Chi's motives. That intent is community service.

Lorena Gomez, president of the Kappa Delta Chi colony, had a few words regarding the project.
"Becauseof the appropriate weather, our Charter Class came up with the idea ofa car wash. We thought it was a good idea to get the Nacogdochescommunity involved in our efforts to raise money for our serviceproject, Feed the Hungry. The money raised at this car wash will laterbe used to help feed impoverished families over the holidays.

"Kappa Delta Chi is a Latina-founded sorority dedicated to serving thecommunity, and basically what we want to do is to put the word out thatKappa Delta Chi is coming back on campus. This sorority is more thanjust letter-wearers and partygoers. Kappa Delta Chi gives back to thecommunity. Our goal is to embody the sorority's
motto: 'Leading With Integrity, United Through Service.'"

Kappa Delta Chi was founded in 1987 and was active on campus until it wentdormant for a while. The car wash is, in a way, revitalizing what thesorority is standing for with a big, foamy splash. The service isavailable to the community of Nacogdoches and all SFA students.

Bring your car, and the dirt along with it, and experience the enthusiasm of a sorority's return to Piney Woods.
Article courtesy of Moises Hernandez at the Pinelog. To read it online, please click here

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