Pi Chapter Aluma featured in Latino Leaders Magazine

Pi Chapter Aluma featured in Latino Leaders Magazine

Congratulations to Vice President of Collegiate Affairs and Pi Chapter Alumni Mary Gonzalez who is featured in the latest edition of Latino LeadersMagazine.

Visit their magazine online at latinoleadersonline.advancedpublishing.com and simply enter your e-mail address to view the article. Following is the text version of the article courtesy Latino Leaders Magazine:



It was a perfect time for Latino culture to flourish, one in which the air was peppered with Spanish, where frijoles were served at every dinner table, and Conjunto music pounded from stereo speakers, the bajo sexto sending rapid thumps through the air, primal as a heartbeat.

But Mary Gonzalez had to leave her native El Paso, behind before she could appreciate her Mexican-American heritage. After all, it was her multiculturalism that fed her sensitivity to cultural and global issues and later inspired her to put those issues in the spotlight. 

This Texas transplant, though has found a new home in Austin, where she enjoys the state capitol's cultural offerings, including various styles of music and dance. Working on her Ph.D has prevented Mary from taking part in as many events as she would like, but she is definitely content with her life's progression.

Now the assistant dean of multicultural affairs at Southwestern University at only 26 years old, Gonzalez recalls that she was always an activist at heart. Living along the border opened her eyes to such sights as the plight of immigrants, and in the halls of her school she learned first hand why Latinos are plagued with high drop-out and teen pregnancy rates. She also cringed as poverty stood in the way of proper health care.

The leap from passive observer to passionate activist came with Gonzalez enrolled at UT-Austin and joined such Latino organizations as the Mexican American Cultural Committee and launched a UT chapter of LULAC.

Making change for Latinos and other opressed people is still a strong part of Gonzalez's reality. Currently, she is the VP for Collegiate Affairs for the Latina-based Kappa Delta Chi, sits on the Board of Directors for ALLGO and is a national presenter on race, gender, sexual identity and coalition


(L-R) Gonzalez, KDChi BOD member Yvonne Hernandez and KDChi President Akisha Hernandez receive the four NALFO Awards 2010 on behalf of the sorority. Most outstanding Philanthropic Organization, Outstanding Professional, Outstanding Rising Leader and Natl Undergrad Chapter of the Year.

building issues. And thanks to her role as assistant dean, she inspires tomorrow's leaders to make their own changes. "My students sometimes call me the farmer because I plant seeds. I may not tell them the whole story, but I plant seeds and see how they will grow, so it's their movement. I have my things to work on but they must work on their own. That allows them to take what they learn and shape their movement in however they want to shape it. It's more about empowering them and developing leadership than just doing my project."


Acting as a mentor is something that everyone should do. After all, if it weren't for peer and professional mentors, Gonzalez's path may have been different. "I am where I am because of my mentors," she declared emphatically. "I'm very fortunate that I have had so many people adopt me. Blood families are important, but the family we create is just as important. My mentors have shaped me, supported me and guided me in such a positive way that I wouldn't be here without them. "If anything's going to change the world, it's going to be that mentorship." 

Getting to know Mary Gonzalez:

1) My favorite Book is: Borderlands/La Frontera: The New Mestiza By: Gloria Anzaldua and Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.

2) If I could pick any other career in the world it would be: A Professional Activist

3) I never leave home without: My Blackberry

4) When I have a free afternoon I like to: Catch up with friends and my KDChi sorority sisters

5) My worst habit is: texting while driving

6) The last movie I saw was: Between Midnight and the Rooster's Crow

7) My favorite thing/brand to wear is: Big earrings and high heels

8) My favorite place to eat is: The taco stand by my house, "Tacorido"

9) One of the things on my bucket list is: To travel to every Latin American Country

Congratulations Mary for the mention and continue to make us proud as the ladies of KDChi are always Leading with integrity!

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