KDChi, Theta Alumna Named Role Model of the Week

KDChi, Theta Alum Cindy Vasquez is Great Minds in STEM Role Model of the Week. STEM is a national organization dedicated to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. 

Cindy Vasquez
Global Trading System – System Administrator

March 16th (Houston, TX) Cindy was born and raised in California to Salvadoran immigrant parents. Throughout their struggle to provide a better life for their three children, Cindy’s parents remained vigilant in stressing the importance of education and in remaining true to their culture. As the youngest of three children they held Cindy to a strict and high standard while constantly ensuring that she had the resources and tools she needed to succeed. Throughout Cindy’s primary education she worked hard and was dedicated to her studies. It was here that she was first recognized for her good grades and her perseverance which earned her the President’s Award for Educational Excellence. During these years Cindy was also introduced to computers and technology which would influence her in making key decisions later in life. The exposure Cindy received at this early age motivated her to learn as much as she could about computers. In addition in an effort to support their daughter’s interest, Cindy’s parent’s encouraged her development by giving her a personal computer. Although it was a sacrifice for them they believed Cindy would benefit from this in the future. 

In her secondary education, Cindy continued to excel and spent time exploring other interests as well as expanding her knowledge in technology by taking additional computer courses. While in high school Cindy actively participated in after school activities and continued to challenge herself by taking a number of honors classes. She was a member of the Spanish Honor Society and the varsity soccer team. She successfully graduated with a 4.11 GPA within the top 10% of her class. As she entered undergraduate studies, Cindy was focused and determined to enter the information technology industry. After reviewing various degrees she chose to attend the College of Technology at the University of Houston to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering Technology. While in school Cindy worked part time to pay expenses not covered by grants. Although her full time school load and work occupied the majority of her time, she decided to join an on-campus organization called Kappa Delta Chi. Kappa Delta Chi’s purpose is to promote the values of Unity, Honesty, Integrity and Leadership dedicated to community service to their local university with an emphasis on the Hispanic/Latino population. In her four years of college Cindy made the Dean’s list multiple times and graduated in May 2003 with a GPA in her major of 3.50.

After graduation she joined a small software company that offered application solutions to wellness and fitness centers. In an effort to continue to expand her knowledge and increase her experience, Cindy accepted a Database Administrator position with KBR. While at KBR Cindy began her graduate studies at the University of Denver to pursue a Masters of Applied Science in Technology Management with an emphasis in Project Management.

While in graduate school, Cindy began to learn from friends and family members about the opportunities Chevron had to offer. In 2007 Cindy joined the Chevron team working in Global Downstream IT. She was hired as a System Administrator dedicated to support the North America Trading System, Right Angle. This application handles $14 billion in business each month for CSAT, PSAT, and LSAT business units (Crude, Refined Products, & Liquefied Natural Gases). The system is a mission critical application that operates 24x7.

Cindy is currently the System Administrator of Global Trading System. In this capacity she is responsible for the administration activities in support of multiple environments used within Global Supply and Trading such as Solarc’s RightAngle Trade Management System, Transportation’s Rail systems, and the Security Access Request Tool (SART). Cindy manages over 98 production and test environments. She controls software versions across systems, software requirements with the vendor, and coordinates the usage and licensing of necessary software with Chevron licensing. Cindy conducts system performance monitoring activities and any necessary root-cause analysis to resolve issues which requires coordination skills with multiple groups such as vendors, network, storage, and application server design teams.

 Shortly after joining Chevron, Cindy sought to secure an internal mentoring relationship to help advance her career and develop her leadership skills. With the guidance and advice from her mentor, Cindy was able to formulate her career roadmap strategy. The milestones established included earning a project management certificate, as well as having the opportunity to work part-time in the capacity of a project manager role.  Due to her steadfast determination to succeed, within her short time span with Chevron, Cindy has advanced from being an individual contributor learning her job to training new team members.

As a Chevron employee Cindy continues to give back to the community by actively participating in various company sponsored events such Dress for Success, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk, and AIDS Walk Houston. As an alumnus of Kappa Delta Chi she mentors and strives to serve as a positive role model to current members. Furthermore, through the organization she also remains involved in helping the Hispanic community. Cindy is dedicated to helping others through community service or as role model to help others succeed. She has worked hard to achieve what she has in her education, career, and in the community and is now devoted to guiding others to do the same.

With her passion and dedication to succeed Cindy’s career with Chevron is bound to lead to many more exciting growth opportunities!
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