KDChi Central TX Bootcamp a success!

Contact: Cynthia Arvizu, CentralUS Regional Chair
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Penguins from six Chapters assembledtogether for a weekend of sisterhood, service, and leadership workshops atMidwestern State University

KDChi Central US Regiongathered at Midwestern State University (MSU) at Wichita Falls, TXfor Penguin Bootcamp on November20-21, 2009 which was hosted by the Alpha Nu Chapter and theCentral US Regional Chair, Cynthia Arvizu. In attendance were over 40 sisters fromsix Chapters within the Central US Region. All sisters attended SisterhoodNight when first arriving to MSU. Chapters presented their chapter to theregion with either a skit or powerpoint presentation. Ice breakers and adevotional was held as well. A mini-stroll competition was held, and congratulations to the winners Alpha Nu.

All sisters who attended Penguin Bootcamp also participatedin a Scavenger Hunt service event in which the Central US Region gathered over 280 items of canned foods and cleaning supplies within the community of Wichita Falls, TXto donate to the Faith Mission. Afterwards the sisters who attended conferenceenjoyed a luncheon that was graciously provided for Penguin Bootcamp by Dr.Howard Ferrell of MSU. Alumnae Jessica Soto, Mariana Gomez, Jessica Salgado, Stefani Hewatt, and Jenny Zeilfelder volunteered to provide workshops to helpactive sisters become better leaders at their campuses through workshopspertaining to leadership, recruitment, finance, and unity. The conference endedwith a cookout in which the Mu Chapter of Omega Delta Phi Fraternity, Inc.helped with the preparation of food and attended. 

Overall the KDChi 2009 Central US Regional Conference:Penguin Bootcamp was a success! Alpha Nu did a great job hosting and theAlumnae hosted significant workshops for the sisters. Many of the undergraduatesisters stated that they received a lot of great information in which they hopeto take back to their chapters and hope to do more events with the region.

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