KDChi Alumna creates Fiesta Medal, in style of a paleta cart

"Fiesta Friends, I'm over the moon excited!! Here it is, my very first Fiesta Medal!!! The Paleta Cart!! I'm so honored to have been able to pair up with SA Flavor to make this medal possible!! A dollar of every medal sold will go to my charity of choice Girls Incorporated of San Antonio."
- Amanda Infante, Beta Chapter Alumna at Texas A&M University

 Paleta Cart 2017 Fiesta Medal by Amanda Infante

Garrett Heath, San Antonio Flavor

April is my favorite time in San Antonio, not just because it’s Fiesta or that the Spurs begin their playoff run. I love this month because it is the most perfect weather in San Antonio. And with that perfect temperature, it’s inevitable that you’ll hear the *ring*ring* of the bell on the paleta carts. So when I heard that Amanda Infante wanted to feature one on her 2017 Fiesta Medal, I was over the moon at the opportunity to make it!

I met Amanda and her husband (more on him later) last year. They’re members of the FiestaMedal Maniacs Facebook page and constantly followed my competitions/medal hidings and won several of them! Whether it was finding me Rosella Coffee or stopping by SA Pops where I stashed a medal there, these two were tenacious medal hunters—I’d like to think that the paleteria where she found the hidden medal was some sort of inspiration for her’s this year.

A dollar from every sale of the Paleta Fiesta Medal will go to Girls Inc San Antonio. Amanda said she chose this organization as her charity because it inspires all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

“Girls Inc. encourages girls to take risks and master physical, intellectual and emotional challenges,” Amanda wrote me. “It stands for what I believe will help our future women leaders. When girls are in an environment where they are encouraged to grow and be stronger they can take on the entire world.”

You can follow Amanda on Instagram at @amandalynnmi—her profile is chock full of all sorts of medal pics around Fiesta!

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This was initially posted on January 25, 2017.


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