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Official National Conference Hastag

Hi sisters, don't forget the official Hashtag for KDChi Conference is:
We can't wait to read about your experiences at conference & what you have to share!



Brenda Iris Mejia Martinez, 22 joins KDChi's Omega Chapter

KDChi family, it is with a heavy heart that we share and remember the beautiful life of one of our sisters, Brenda Mejia who's been called to watch over us.  Brenda Iris Mejia Martinez, 22, died Monday, Dec. 30, 2013. Her rosary was held Wed January 1 at the Harrell Funeral Home. Her life was celebrated at a service at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. She rests at Dublin Live Oak Cemetery.

To her cousins and Kdchi Nu Chapter sisters: Silvia Ortega, Eva Ortega Velazquez and Klarissa Perez, our condolences go out to all of you, her friends and loved ones in this challenging time. We love you Brenda.




You're invited to visit    



For Immediate Release:

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Alma Awards Offers KDChi sisters a chance to see their live show in Pasadena, CA


For Immediate Release 9.24.13: Lubbock, TX

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to announce the joint partnership with the 2013 ALMA Awards team to focus on a focus on community service and philanthropy. 

This year KDChi was excited to hear from the Alma Awards team who reached out to our national organization offering five tickets to share with our community service driven sisters across the nation. The 2013 ALMA Awards is by invitation-only and will honor individuals who have demonstrated a commitment to service, social causes, and philanthropy. The Alma honorees truly encapsulate what it means to use their star power for good and to give back to their communities. As part of the ALMA awareness campaign, they decided to partner with organizations throughout the country to spread the word about the show and the mission.

The KDChi Public Affairs team decided to hold a contest to share the tickets with the first five KDChi sisters to respond with their favorite KDChi memory and together the two organizations will celebrate the larger focus on celebrities and their philanthropic efforts. In addition to honoring celebraties who give back, KDCHi has also been featured on the official ALMA Awards blog as an example of a community service organization giving back to their community.

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Happy 4th KDChi Sister Soldiers, we appreciate you!

On this day Kappa Delta Chi Sorority gives thanks to all of our sisters who serve/d in the military and their families who sacrifice alongside them.

Your service allows us to celebrate this day and everyday! Thank you, we appreciate you.  

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KDChi Sister Dolores Huerta inducted into California Hall Of Fame

KDChi Sister Dolores Huerta inducted into California Hall of Fame By The Bakersfield Californian

Labor leader and human rights activist Dolores Huerta was inducted into the California Hall of Fame during a ceremony Wednesday night at The California Museum in Sacramento, according to a press release.

She is part of the seventh class of inductees to join the Hall of Fame since the program began in 2006. Related Photos

Cesar Chavez, who co-founded the United Farm Workers union with Huerta, was inducted as part of the first class, according to the website of The California Museum.

Huerta has won the Presidential Medal of Freedom and continues to be active in human rights efforts in Kern County through her Dolores Huerta Foundation.

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KDCHI SISTER SOLDIERS: They sacrifice their lives and answer the call of duty.

KDCHI SISTER SOLDIERS: They sacrifice their lives and answer the call of duty.

by Gina Garcia, VP of Public Affairs for Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc.

You may not know their names, but they sacrifice daily for you and your family. They shoot guns, endure sleepless nights, run for miles with 90lb bags on their backs and witness catastrophes we as civilians are blind to. These women are bonded to their comrades in a way that only fellow soldiers can fully appreciate. They are Latina, have families and loved ones back home, hold the values we've all come to know, only these women have combat boots in their closet next to their going out high heels. Each sister endured her own individual struggles to walk the line they have either serving in the military as they do now or have in the past. The military is a life of uncertainty as to where you'll be stationed, who you answer to and whether you could be called to Afghanistan, Iraq, to the Haitian earthquake aftermath or to the next unknown world-impacting event. Kappa Delta Chi, meet your SISTER SOLDIERS.

Denise Gonzalez, Alumnae in Washington, D.C. who's since moved to El Paso, TX

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KDChi Launches Campaign to encourage Civic Engagement


Kappa Delta Chi launches campaign to encourage civic engagement, spreads from coast to coast

by KDChi National Communications Officer Sherry Flores

For Immediate Release:

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Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. Wins the NCLR Alma Awards Competition

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. Wins the NCLR Alma Awards Competition

NCLR: KDChi's 4,705 Individual Votes "knocked the competition out of the park"      

For Immediate Release:

(Lubbock, TX) Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to have partnered up with the National Council of La Raza (NCLR) in honor of the 2012 Alma Awards, Latino Greek Competition. The grand prize won is that a national celebrity will appear at an upcoming KDChi national conference. 

The winning e-mail came directly from the NCLR marketing team and it read as follows:  

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KDChi scholarships to HS, undergrads & Graduates

KDChi Foundation offers scholarships to HS, Undergrads & Graduate students 

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.'s National Foundation's High School Scholarship was established in 1999 to assist graduating high school women, regardless of academic discipline, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to academics and community service. This scholarship is available on a competitive basis and is a one-time award ranging from $500-$1,000 for the 2012-2013 academic year.

The Irene Montoya Undergraduate and Graduate Scholarships were established in 2004 to assist sisters of Kappa Delta Chi, regardless of academic discipline, who have demonstrated a strong commitment to academic and community service. The scholarship is named in honor of Irene Montoya, a Founder of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. Irene’s continued support, contributions, and dedication to the sorority have positively impacted the success of the sorority.

This Irene Montoya scholarship seeks to recognize sisters who demonstrate a commitment to service, academics, and leadership within the sorority, their respective university campuses, and in their communities. This scholarship is available on a competitive basis and is a one-time award ranging from $500-$1,000 for the 2012-2013 academic year.

Please contact the KDChi Foundation Director of Scholarships, Juanita Garcia with any questions [email protected]

KDChi High School Scholarship:

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc. National Foundation supports the development and success of high school senior women who plan on pursuing a higher education. On behalf of Kappa Delta Chi National Foundation, we would like to congratulate you on taking the next step towards your educational career. This scholarship was established in 1999 to help graduating high school women in their transition from high school to college. The scholarship is available on a competitive basis and is a one-time award that ranges from $500-$1,000. These scholarships are funded by generous contributions from Kappa Delta Chi chapters and donors.

This scholarship is solely available for female high school seniors, regardless of academic discipline, who demonstrate a strong record, interest, and commitment to service. Enclosed please find the complete application package that contains the required materials for the competition and submission of the application, as well as general and detailed information about Kappa Delta Chi Sorority. Please feel free to visit the following websites:, These websites may be helpful in submitting a more competitive scholarship application.

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KDChi swag alert!

In Need of KDChi swag? We're so excited to share with you our official KDChi vendors!

We encourage sisters to support these companies who've dedicated their services and are happy to agree to our vendor licensing agreements to profit from our name and likeness.

These companies are either sister-owned, sister-run or are companies that support our sisterhood via official means and as savvy business women your KDChi National Officers and board encourage you to support those who support our sisters.

If you know someone or are interested yourself in being an official KDChi vendor, please email [email protected]

Dolores Huerta is a proud KDCHi sister

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority is proud to have Dolores Huerta as a sister, made honorary by our Alpha Alpha Chapter in Wichita State University. Huerta is the President of the Dolores Huerta Foundation. She co-founded the United Farm Workers Union (UFW) in 1962 with Cesar Chavez. In September of 2003, Dolores was appointed to the Board of Regents for the University of California system. She also serves on the boards of the Feminist Majority and People for the American Way.

The Feminist Seed Is Planted 

Dolores was born, Dolores Clara Fernandez, on April 10, 1930 in the mining town of Dawson a small mining town in the mountains of northern New Mexico. Her father Juan Fernández, a farm worker and miner by trade, was a union activist who ran for political office winning a seat in the New Mexico legislature in 1938. Dolores spent most of her childhood and early adult life in Stockton, California where she and her two brothers moved with their mother, following her parents’ divorce.      

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KDChi unveils diversity policy

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.
Leading with Integrity, United through Service.
Contact:Gina Garcia, VP of Public Affairs
[email protected]


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KDChi is now on linked in!

KDChi is now on linked in!

Did you know KDChi is on linked in? Sisters are cordially invited to join the group, Network, find out about jobs, scholarships, fellowships and more! Join the group by clicking on the logo and get started building your network...

KDChi Responds to Arizona SB 1070/HB 2281

KDChi Responds to Arizona SB 1070/HB 2281


Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.
Leading with Integrity, United Through Service
Contact: Ruby Alvarado Hernandez, Chair of the Board of Directors
[email protected]

For Immediate Release                     June 8, 2010

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KDChi, Delta sister Reflects on her CHCI internship in Wash DC

KDChi, Delta's Karen Quintana chosen as CHCI blogger

April 20, 2010

"I'm witnessing history and wouldn't trade it for the world"

Karen Quintana is a Delta Chapter sister (Alpha Eta Class) who's in Washington DC interning with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute (CHCI) in the officers of Congressman Ciro Rodriguez (D-TX). She's majoring in Political Science with minors in Psychology & Spanish. There's so much on her to do list, but she's keeping an open mind about where she'll be in the future. She's originally from Sinaloa, Mexico and plans to graduate in the Spring 2011. She's been chosen as a featured blogger on the CHCI website and was also spotlighted on the KDChi national website. Let the spotlight shine on Ms. Karen Quintana who departs back to Tucson, Arizona this Saturday after completing the inaugural Spring Internship program with CHCI.

Recess and Stress by Karen Quintana:
"The stress of DC can be seen on the faces of staff members on the Hill. It is easy to get caught up in work that we do and we forget how to relax. I know that as an undergraduate, I am constantly on the go from class to work to meetings. It's both emotionally and physically exhausting. As an intern, there is also stress, especially when the office is busy. There are deadlines and certain expectations we each need to meet. The best way to relax is to talk about it. Luckily, all of us interns are really close. We are able to confide with each other about things that we go through on a daily basis. Also, exploring the city is one of my favorite aspects of life in DC. We can just jump on the metro and head to different parts of the city and have new adventures. My favorite thing to do here is trying new foods since the city is filled with different cultures so we explore new places to eat and the different cultures of the city. Never in my life have I tried so many different kinds of food than in the past couple of months. For instance, we have had Cuban, Salvadorian, Spanish, Dominican, Moroccan, and Ethiopian foods. Although our stress does not compare to those of our co-workers in the office, we are still able to observe and absorb some of the stress that comes from working in DC.

I feel extremely supported while I'm here. Although my family and friends aren't here, I have already built a support network with my fellow interns, co-workers, and KDChi sisters in the area. I reached out on the KDChi Facebook page and was able to meet so many sisters! They are all doing amazing things and are definitely upholding KDChi values. They inspire me everyday."

*View KDChi's spotlight on Karen KDChi National Website.
*Read Karen's blog directly on the CHCI website.

Kappa Delta Chi prides itself on our focus on community service, developing strong leaders who excel at every aspect of their collegiate and professional lives and our strong network of multicultural women. We thank you for your continued support of our sisterhood and its' mission to enact positive change.

KDChi's new addition to the family and NALFO Awards

Lubbock, TX - KDChi's new addition to the family and NALFO Awards

Kappa Delta Chi Sorority Inc. is proud to announce our new addition to the sisterhood. It is with great pleasure Vice President of Expansion Mani Banwait and National External Recruitment Officer Veronica Hernandez traveled to Georgetown, TX for the colonization of Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc at Southwestern University located just minutes away from Austin Texas. 11 dedicated charters were initiated this past weekend into our sisterhood and colony email is [email protected] should you want to congratulate them.

Members of their big sister, Pi chapter from the University of Texas at Austin were in attendance as was their Advisor, Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs and Kappa Delta Chi National VP of Collegiate Affairs, Mary Gonzalez. These ladies share a passion for community service and are already making a name for themselves on campus and were featured in the University Newspaper. Congratulations ladies! Keep up the great work!

In other news, KDChi was well represented at the National Association for Latino Fraternal Organizations (NALFO) Awards Gala held in Arlington, Virginia over the weekend. Of the many attendees, KDChi National President, Akisha Hernandez and Mary Gonzalez attended. The sisterhood continues a tradition of taking home many of the awards that are handed out at the annual awards banquet. KDChi President Akisha beamed and immediately shared the information with sisters upon hearing the news about the 2010 NALFO awards KDChi took home including:

National Philanthropic Organization of the Year:

  Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, Inc.

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Pi Sister asked to blog for misma

Pi Chapter sis asked to blog on why she chose KDChi

Misma - A Latina perspective blog on culture, news, and politics.

The Story of a Latina Sorority Girl

Hello all!! My name is Anali Martinez. I am a 3rd year civil engineering major at the University of Texas at Austin. I was asked to write for this blog about my experience as a Latina who is in a sorority. I am proud to say that I am a sister of a Latina-founded Service sorority, Kappa Delta Chi - Pi Chapter .

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Kappa Delta Chi Sister of Alpha Nu Chapter chosen as Greek Life Blogger...

Kappa Delta Chi Sister of Alpha Nu Chapter chosen as Greek Life Blogger...

Hello from Your New Favorite Penguin!

January 31, 2010

Introducing KDChi to the campus...

tags: Brandy, Intoductions, KDChi

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KDChi Alpha Kappa wins Deans Award of Excellence

KDChi Alpha Kappa awarded Deans Award of Excellence at Univ of Wisconsin-Madison

2009-2010 Buckys Award Winners

The Buckys is an esteemed awards banquet that recognizes outstanding student leaders and student organizations. Awards are given to those organizations that go above and beyond, and work hard to constantly serve the campus and community.

For more information on the Buckys and how to apply for the 2010-2011 awards, please contact the Organization Development Consultants at [email protected].

Dean's Award of Excellence

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